Absence O,2020年創立於台灣。Absence 意指「缺席、不存在」,氣味是透過無形的分子觸發人的精神感受。O 即是「空」,象徵萬物的本質與意識流動的空間。

Absence O was founded in Taiwan in 2020. “Absence” as “being absent, not present ”, odors bring about our spiritual sensations through intangible molecules.
“O” as “emptiness”, the essence of things and the space where consciousness flows. 
From the point of view of physical and mental balance, Absence O draws inspiration from the Earth and organic elements to develop scent products suitable for modern people, awaken the connection between life and nature, unlock a different sensory encounter.


The perception of smell is personal, Absence O encourages users to find your own scents through actual smelling.
The usage of fragrance is not limited with the occasion and field, such as in the morning, during work, meditation, yoga, in the restroom, after tidying up, reading, before bedtime and so forth, every moment can change the state of mind through the scent.