photo by Jimmy YangFocusing on the exploration of scent.

軌室(Absence Lab)設立於台灣的設計工作室,由 Alien、Luna 共同主理,以實驗性的設計模式細細雕塑美的不同形式與樣貌。2020年發展氣味品牌(Absence odor),從嗅覺的角度傳遞獨特的美學觀點。


Absence odor
is an incense brand established by alien and luna in Taiwan, conveying beauty through the perspective of scent. they draw inspiration from nature, life experience and their travels to create their own scent. their incense is made from natural materials and herbs to create unique individual scents with a sincere feeling for every detail.  

Light an incense with a humble attitude feel the moment slowly it burns a particular sense of time.